Is it Real? Fact or Fiction?

Is it Real? Fact or Fiction?
Whaley House Oct. 2008

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How Do You Know if You are "Sensitive"?

How many times have I heard, and have people can I see a ghost?

"Sensitive" is the newest word, and the words morph all the time, but in reality they all mean the same thing. Human. A human who is willing to believe. That is all. Sci fi is rooted in the possible, the plausible and what is reality, but yet to be public.

Let's take Star Trek, (the original series) just coming out of the Flash Gordon/Lost in Space era, hang a phallic looking ship by a string and wiggle it, all spacemen wear silver suits that look like deep sea diver suits or heat suits, yet 10 years later what did our own astronauts wear? just make them silver and what did you have?

Star Trek took the technology one step further. Uhura wore a "communication device" in her ear (which by the way the inventive prop team located plastic salt shakers for) doesn't it look suspiciously like a blue tooth? At least the technology is equal.

They had hand held "communication devices" that look suspiciously like cell phones...

Putting the "Phaser" on stun? Now called Tasers. If you amp that up it can kill.
Of course, beam me up? Still to see, or are we just not supposed to?

So which came 1st? The chicken or the egg? Did these things exist before the dreamers came up with what could be? or were the scientists so overtaken with the possibilities they were designed in the Star Trek image?

What? You say. They had faith? They believed? They threw away the conventions of society who said nonsense! You can't make a person fly like a bird, you can't talk to someone across the ocean, you cannot see other people on a television screen while talking, it is just not possible in the laws of nature, you are a fool!

So are there people out there that are fraudulent and make it difficult for those who are not? Of course, it is an uphill battle, from the 1st ship where people told tales of floating on water to great distances, to snake oil salesmen with instant cures, to people who saw a woman in half or bend spoons with their minds.

The point being, we are all sensitive. We all have the innate ability to see, hear and feel things society says we should not. Originally they were of the devil, then they were of a weak mind or illness, now you are just a nut. But are you?

look just beyond where the woman is standing

Many societies for centuries believe we all have the power to see, some believe only the special or the strong can see, (that was caused by centuries of believing that the rulers were decendants of gods imbued with special power) however, a simple explanation that happens to everyone is seeing something in their peripherial vision. It startles them, because society says it is not possible to see what you just saw, you turn and are relieved that nothing is there.

Someone is looking back

But, if you turned expecting and believing it was alright for something to be there, not scary, not crazy, is it possible you can see what you saw? Yes, definitely. In fact I greatly expect the next phase in Ghost Hunting (see my previous blog for that misnomer) will be training people the tranquility to be able to see things, the retraining of societal mores for a better spiritual understanding of life and what happens next.

We will not stop searching to find out what happens next, we have been trying for thousands of years.

Soooo, can you see a "ghost" (if that is what it is). Absolutely. Will you see a ghost? It is entirely up to you

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Has Passed, Let Us Move On Because the Spirits Never Rest.

Do spirits come out more at Halloween time? I suppose if you follow Samhaim and a few other religions it is supposedly the thinnest time between the here and the beyond.
Maybe it is not more, but newer spirits, less experienced spirits are out. is it perhaps like being more afraid of a baby snake who doesn't know to hold back some of his venom?

Well this Halloween was as usual very busy. Not only were the spirits in the spirit, but so were most of our guests. It is ok to laugh on a ghost adventure, no one will mind. Especially no one living.

We did a very young children's tour this year. For 5-7 year olds. It needed to be just scary enough and no more. The Star of India was a perfect place to blend adventure, history and ghosts for the very young, all while admiring their costumes.

The Whaley House took a little more explaining, but after a few moments with the boys, discussing what they saw and what they felt and what they heard, it was just the adventure for them and they became quite popular with the others.

Then there is the graveyard. How do you explain the graveyard to a 5 year old? Well to be honest a mother came up with the sentence for the evening. This is the place where people go to sleep forever. We would tell of the lives of some of them, the people who remembered them and the funny pictures that come out at the graveyards. Really quite nice for all.

Our next adventure coming up is the Ghost Hunt / Paranormal Investigation at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in the State Park. No one else has ever been granted the privilege of searching professionally to find the anomolies at the Cosmo. It will be quite a treat. We only have 11 spots left so I hope the people that want to get on it can.

I am already planning our big adventure in the Spring, for Spring break. we will spend a chunk of time following the last month in the life of Elizabeth Short, The Black Dahlia. I think this spirit should rest.

Well we got some great and some amazing pictures on the tours this year, I will post a few with this blog. The one(s) that I find the most unusual are the ones found by accident. In the graveyard I have been noticing a consistent anomaly when taken in one particular spot, so I have everyone do it. However, on October 2nd, one group ended up with gold eyes like a cat staring back at them, when you look closer, is is the form of an older modern woman, but there are no legs, even with enhancement.

Another in the William Heath Davis House, we almost missed it because we were so sure what we were going to see, we missed a more obvious one.

This spirit (me) has found it is time to rest and reflect which I will leave you all to do as well, as we uncover and discover the ways of the world beyond.