Is it Real? Fact or Fiction?

Is it Real? Fact or Fiction?
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Friday, September 10, 2010

Are You Actually Hunting Ghosts in a Ghost Hunt?

Are You Actually Hunting Ghosts in a Ghost Hunt?
A good question.  What do you do with a ghost after you capture it on your hunt?  Are you supposed to have one of the electrical lightning bolt gizmos like the ghostbusters? And store them away in some vault in a firehouse?

What if the name were really Ghost searchers, or Ghost researchers?  Sounds more applicable to what we really do.  If you look at the current understanding of "ghosts" they are here all the time, wandering, WATCHING, just "hanging".  So do they need to be found? Maybe we are Ghost discoverers, like Christopher Columbus, finding and claiming things that were there all the time.

So it still begs the question of what do we do when we have located one?  Take a picture? Record your findings, tell a friend?  Sounds more and more like research.  To me, this is where the research really begins.  Who is that lady? Or that gentleman or child or cowboy?  Don't you want to know more?

It takes time, a lot of time, and sometimes you will be very disappointed, but never deterred.  Perhaps the excitement is in finding something no one has discovered before, or confirming a previous finding, but isn't it all complete when you can finally tie up all of the loose ends?  You feel complete.  You understand.  You know.  what a feeling.

One ghost hunt (and I use the term loosely) we did, had unusual findings.  We knew about the cemetery, we knew about the people, where the bodies were buried, but we were in the single male section and only one instrument started going off.  Obviously a malfunction, right?  That would be my first guess.  But when you looked around at the section of people in this group, they were all female.  Oh yes we are in the SINGLE male area. 

So we asked of course.  All other machines stayed silent, the temperature did not vary more than 2 degrees, yet when all the women laughed, the machine would go off.  If we attempted to leave the section in any direction the machine would go off.  It did not matter who held it, who asked the questions the answers were repetitious and consistant.  After 2 minutes we had to go searching for other non-warm bodies to bother.  Silly as it sounds we said our goodbyes and went to the family plot section.

That is where the other machines acted normally, some blips, some reaction, then more normal active reactions.  Then out of the blue the original machine starting going off in fits and starts.  Another K2 device stared going off as if answering the 1st.  Almost humorous.  What was really interesting is, if we got the 2 machines near each other, they would start going very fast and very high readings.  It was not relational to the ground, only to each other.

Ok, the only thing we could not really conclude was if it were a fight or happy to see each other.  My best guess would be jealousy.  If indeed the first reactionor were from the single men's area, and reacted well when the ladies all laughed, do you really think they want to share the attention?

We will never know for sure, but we took pictures, we have written it down, we have succeeded in our research.

A happy ghost hunt.

Ghostly Tours in History.

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