Is it Real? Fact or Fiction?

Is it Real? Fact or Fiction?
Whaley House Oct. 2008

Friday, September 10, 2010

Silly things at a seance

Have you been to a séance?
We do them, so we are used to them. Nothing is made up, no trickery, as much like the Victorian era as possible. Mostly we get answers from the flickering candles, occasionally a guest will be talked to, or touched, and once the curtain even wrapped itself around someone's leg, but then there are the ones where a case of the giggles is very contagious. True it can be a very nervous situation, but I really can't tell you if it was nerves, a sign, or just the silliness of giggles.

Séances are supposed to be theatrical for some reason, but if you are just welcoming someone into your circle in a place popular to "other siders", does it really matter if there are comments or giggles? As they say it is what it is and is what it is supposed to be.

You can record it if you want, it doesn’t change anything, however you must do it hand’s free because you cannot break the circle, the flow of energy. So far, one person recorded it on a tripod and there is something that walked behind someone in the circle but it was fleeting.

Another day, another séance.

A day in the life of San Diego's favorite ghost tour and ghost experience.  Ghostly Tours in History. 

Why? because it is all real.

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